Monday, November 26, 2007


so, so, sorry to have turned my back and let this place go for almost two months. I am terrible. Everything just got so busy all of a sudden....all of the things to do outside before cold weather set in, things for work, just so much stuff. So now everything is put to bed outside. Things that needed to get in the ground before freezing temps set have been comfy now for awhile. Seeds were saved (although some San Marzano seeds still have to be mailed), pots and birdbaths and patio furniture were put away, plants brought inside....everything on the list has been crossed off.
And then Thanksgiving. Oy. I hope everyone had a nice one. Mine was nice. A lot of work for people I'm not quite convinced appreciate it, but nice. And the neices helped me put up the tree and all the decorations last Friday. So I"m all ready to go for the holidays and it isn't even December yet!