Monday, January 07, 2008

mah new tree

During the summer of 2007 you may remember that we had to have a tree cut down. This huge silver maple, over 100-years old, was exhibiting signs of decay. And since it was such a large tree, we were really concerned about the damage it could do should it come down in a storm. It sat at the corner of our driveway and the street, blocking the driveway and the garage part of the house from the morning sun. When it was gone, the void that was created was immense. We really felt exposed and it just looked awful to have nothing there anymore.

So in September we went and picked out a new tree to be planted in that space. We purchased an Autumn Blaze Maple, a red maple-silver maple hybrid that is a moderately fast grower but without the weakness of a full silver maple. And we wanted a good-sized tree, something that will have immediate presence. It will have awesome fall color and it has good salt and drought tolerance.
And then we waited. They said they plant big trees in December, so all through the holidays I was hoping we would have a tree planting. But nothing. And then this morning, as I was getting ready to leave for work, I saw a tree pull up outside. Yay!
I cannot wait to watch this tree blossom and leaf out in spring and shade our driveway in the summer and give color to our home in the fall. The Autumn Blaze gets approximately 50 feet tall with a 40 foot spread. I'm so excited about a tree!