Thursday, August 18, 2005

The dog changed her name

Apparently my dog Chessie was not satisifed with her name. She is our first dog, picked up from the pound with the name of Jasmine. This sounded like a seedy stripper's name to me so I drew up a list of names from which my husband and I could choose. I liked Sadie and Violet, but Bob liked Chessie, based on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad car design, the one with the sleeping kitten. He does work for the railroad after all. And this name appeared to be okay for the past 31/2 years, but on Sunday she chose another one. Occasionally, (okay, constantly) my husband and I make up stupid names for one another. Sometimes they are obscene, and sometimes they are just stupid. So on Sunday, as I was walking past said husband lying on the couch watching NASCAR (?), I said "what's up, asshat?" He gave me the finger..... and the dog came running. We laughed. What a funny coincidence. A little later, I called him that again. I could hear the dog jump off the bed upstairs and come running, staring at me expectantly as if I had just summoned "the sweetest, bestest foofie to ever walk on four paws". This apparently is what 'asshat' means to her. Oh well. It makes her happy. I just have to remember not to call her that in public. And by next week, a new name for my husband will have materialized and asshat will be forgotten. I just hope the next one she picks isn't worse.


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