Monday, August 22, 2005

The great Elizabethtown Fair

So the Elizabethtown Fair offically starts today. I had grand plans about all the things I was going to enter into the competitions. All kinds of vegetables (there is even a pimiento category), jams, jellies, my fabulous green tomato/sour cream quickbread (it actually is very good), a cake, even dog biscuits, but time has a way of getting away from me. So I am entering my very good blueberry/wineberry jam and two kinds of tomatoes (grape and Genovese). We'll see what happens. I also am manning (womanning?) the E-town Democrats stand today and tomorrow. Governor Rendell will be at the fair to kick things off this evening and has graciously agreed to take pictures with us Democrats (I think there are 6. Etown is pretty conservative.) It will be interesting to see the reaction we get. Last year someone urinated on the stand, thereby expressing his political leanings. Hopefully we don't go there again this year.


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