Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Don't let the memory fade

I'm concerned that the Gulf Coast and what these people have and are going through is going down the memory hole for a lot of Americans. Many people are still without basic necessities and families have been shipped two, three, and four times as Bush?Rove/Chertoff ignore capable crisis organizations and attempt to funnel recovery money to faith-based initiatives (read campaign contributors) like Catholic Charities that have no experience at disaster relief at this scale.

So much more, like rescinding the rule that reconstruction workers be paid the prevailing wage, so corporations can make more money and the actual residents in need of decent jobs don't. Yes it sounds like it would be cheaper for the Feds this way, but the language in the order doesn't say that corporations have to pass that savings back to the American taxpayer...and today, limiting the amount recoverable in lawsuits from Katrina. Anyway, enough venting, here is a website that is collecting oral histories from people that survived Katrina and what they went through. Let's not forget that this was a monumental failure of the agency that is charged in keeping us safe in the event of a terrorist attack, Homeland Security....and of course a failure of the incompetent people put in charge of FEMA.



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