Monday, September 19, 2005


Sunday is my absolutely, positively favorite day of the week. All the cleaning, grocery shopping etc. gets done (hopefully) on Saturday and Sunday is 'me' day. I have developed a Sunday morning routine that I dearly love. Every Sunday morning I load the dogs in the car to go get the Sunday New York Times. I used to get home delivery, but the asshat neighbor stole it so many times that I just drive now. The dogs think it is some special treat, so I guess it works out okay. Then I come home and make a huge pot of coffee and begin to pull it apart. I take my time doing this. Pulling apart the Sunday NYT is like unwrapping a gift from an eccentric aunt. You never know what to expect. This Sunday's was particularly good. First I read the magazine (super thick yesterday with new features). Then Sunday Styles. Then Review and Opinion (I'm happy to see Frank Rich is back from vacation, I hope David Brooks to take a long one). I usually peruse Travel and then the Book Review. After adding anything of interest in the Book Review to my book list, I take a shower and do whatever else I need to do that day. The remaining sections waiting on the edge of the dining room table for the evening. I never read the Sports Section.

I had friends over yesterday. They are good friends that I used to see a lot, but because of changes in employment, don't see as often as I'd like. It was a really nice day, just relaxing and catching up and sharing a meal together. I need to make more time for people I care about. Everyone always seem so busy, but it really isn't that hard to set aside a few hours here and there to just be together. Not like it's New Years or anything, but that is my new resolution.


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