Monday, September 12, 2005

The positive side of PMS

Yes, I think there is one. Of course the cramps suck, and the headaches too....and then the moodiness, and occasionally I get insomnia....But every so often, PMS brings with it the insane urge to clean. To clean as you've never cleaned before....hands and feet moving as if independent of your body. Every single thing you lay your eyes on looks filthy. That was Saturday. I cleaned the whole house from top to, woodwork, floors, bathrooms, dusted, just wiped about everything in the house down. Washed shower curtains, rugs, repotted plants. And threw out so much crap. The PMS filter enables you to recognize things as clutter, things that ordinarily excape your attention....That 1/3 full bottle of cheap shampoo that you don't really like....OUT! Those magazines with the good recipes that you know damn well you'll never make....OUT! The piles of bulb catalogs that you may or may not order from....You won't....OUT! The aversion to clutter may be a result of how I was raised though. I did not grow up in clean house. Actually, it was pretty filthy and the amounts of clutter that were allowed to accumulate were pretty horrifying. And a really neat quirk I also harbor is that I must clean dishes as I cook because my mother would dirty every dish in the kitchen and leave them piled on the counter until there was no space. And of course after the meal, no one could deal with the mountain of dishes and food that were left in the kitchen, so it would sit there for two days. Even today, when I go to someone's house, and they cook, I have to do dishes while they are cooking. I cannot stand to see dishes accumulate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW - great description on the phenomenon of what I have been searching for on the net. I figure, if this is hormonal, maybe we could bottle it. Are you organized and focused otherwise? (I haven't read the rest of your blog yet. - never tried to respond to a blog either - can you guess my age bracket?!)

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I love this time. I get extreamly happy. I clean the whole house by myself and don't ask for any ones help. My family likes me around this time, except I have occasional mood swings. Not often though. I can stay awake for a long time and catch up on work too. Now when my period starts, thats when every one leaves me alone. I am crazy as hell

9:16 PM  

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