Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Up to my ears in basil

So tonight will be Pesto night. Thanks to my friend Pete and his yummy sounding Pesto recipe (posted on eatingforbrooklyn), I will be making Pesto this evening. And possibly making enough to freeze. You can freeze it can't you? I have veritable shrubs of sweet basil and purple basil (can't remember the name) and pine nuts were on sale at the store. If I were feeling super energetic (which I don't anticipate), I would make summer squash gnocchi. Also making enough to freeze. Along with the Pesto I will be baking a peach cobbler. Thats the one thing about growing fruit. It all ripens at once and apparently picks the week we leave for vacation. I guess I can just slice them and throw them in the freezer, whatever I don't take on vacation. The dogs eat peaches so I will bring some for them and for me. Chessie loves fruit and some vegetables, especially red peppers. Emmett eats them too, but I don't sense the same joy with him. I thinks he eats fruits and veggies just cause she is. BTW, the water temperature at Hatteras was 87.5 degrees F yesterday. Woohoo. I won't be able to sit still tomorrow.


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