Monday, August 22, 2005

Four more days

Well three really since today is underway. We leave Friday morning. Just as I predicted, I sat down last night to make my lists and the significant other scoffed. I even called my sister to inquire about how well equipped the kitchen is (she has stayed there before). She said to bring a frying pan cause the one at the house has "hot spots". I suspect that some people reading this might wonder about the mental state of someone that takes a frying pan on vacation. See, we don't go out to restaurants. Well, maybe once the whole vacation, but usually I cook. There's just something about eating fresh seafood on a screened porch, watching the sun slide down the sky into the sound all under the haze of too many glasses of zinfandel (or Rolling Rock) that no restaurant can compete with. Every afternoon we go to Hatteras when the boats come in, buy fresh seafood and take it home and cook it. We buy flounder, clams, lots of shrimp, crabs, soft shell crabs (although those are frozen), and whatever other fish there is. Our favorite is Red Drum. It is a thick, flaky, whitefish and has a tremendous flavor. A few times, Bob will marinate filets and we'll cook those, but mostly it is seafood. So that is why a good pan without hot spots is so very vital and must be lugged on vacation.


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