Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Feeling Guilty

So the whole week leading up to vacation I watched Katrina, and I hoped several times that it wouldn't ruin our vacation, that it would strike somewhere else. How selfish. I was glued to the television every night....MSNBC for two hours of so. Round about Tuesday night, I started to have the sickening feeling that color had something to do with fact that no rescue was coming. That little kids that happened to have dark skin were still standing on rooftops with signs that siad "help us". Occasionally, I flipped over to Fox. And then I knew that it definitely had something to do with color. I actually heard Bill O'Reilly say that "some of 'these people' stayed behind on purpose so they could steal things". White people with shopping carts in Walmart were 'getting what their families need' and black people with shopping carts were 'looters'. And the week wore on and I became more and more embarassed and ashamed and just sad that this could happen in our country.


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