Thursday, September 08, 2005

random things

The thing that is making me the most sad about this tragedy is the pets. I know that helpless people have died, but the sight of an abandoned dog or someone being rescued and forced to leave their dog or kitty behind reduces me to tears every time I see it on TV. I keep seeing media chastising these people for not leaving their animals and I know that I could not either. I think I would probably stay behind and risk death rather than leave my pets. I just could not do it. While we were on vacation, we went to this one gallery that had work by Marjorie Weiss. Basic simple prints all involving dogs and water. As soon as I stood in front of them, I started crying because I knew that these pictures would hang in my house and that someday in the not too distant future, my dogs would be gone and these pictures would take me back to that week we spent in late August in 2005 and how much they loved it. How excited they would get to go swim. How freaked out they were just by the foam that collects on the shore, toally new to them. How they would leap way out into the water to try and reach me first. And how grateful they were. Significant other knew why I was crying and didn't say anything, but the lady that worked at the store must have thought I was seriously disturbed. Or maybe she just thought I had terrible allergies. We bought three of them and this was my favorite.

I won a blue ribbon for my Genovese Heirloom tomatoes at the Etown fair. And a three dollar premium to boot. Woohoo. For all I know, no one else entered the category, so I won by default, but maybe not. There won't be any stopping me next year. Significant other works tonight so tonight will be Pesto night. (He wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole).


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