Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The harvest

The peaches were of course ripe the day we left on vacation. The morning we were to leave, I spent two hours picking peaches, cutting them and putting them in freezer bags. I got enough for several pies and enough to make several other peach dishes. I actually made a peach crisp on Sunday. Easy and really good. I didn't feel like fooling with a pastry crust like in cobbler, and this worked out really well. I picked 15 pumpkins Monday and washed them with a bleach solution. They will cure for 10 days on the cement patio out back and then will be ready to use. Long Island Cheese did the best. Definitely a keeper for next year. Musquee de Provence did okay. The Cinderella pumpkin (Rouge de Vintemps?) didn't do very well at all. I only got one and it looks like crap. I bought mums and pansies on Tuesday and have everything put out except the pumpkins. I like fall, but it always depresses me. Winter is just far too long here.

I never made the pesto, so maybe tonight. I still have tons of tomatoes. Many rotted while we were away but they are still coming fast and furious. I made a great tomato salad on Sunday too. Tomatoes, balsamic, olive oil, sea salt, basil, kalamata olives and a few good garlicky croutons. Threw it in a bowl, and even though I am not a big tomato fan, it was really good and was gone in two days. There were tons on sunflowers. I'm not sure if I should cut the heads and use them for decoration and then let the birds eat them this winter or leave them standing and let the birds have them now. I picked a few more cucumbers and need to make one more jar of pickles. Oh, and I got an honorable mention ribbon for the jam I entered at the Etown fair. My texture was a little too lumpy to place 1st or 2nd but they said it tasted really good. Not sure how I did on the tomatoes. Will keep you posted.


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