Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bulb Planting time

For years I have been meaning to plant this bulb. It is Narcissus poeticus, also called Pheasants's Eye daffodil. It is an heirloom bulb and is one of the later daffodils, but it smells awesome. It has a spicy smell and I don't think I've smelled one since I was a kid, but I can remeber it almost exactly. In past years, I've planted the usual King Alfred yellow daffodils and several kinds of tulips, hyacinths, and wind flower, but this year I really must get to planting these, cause I don't want to kick myself next spring (like I do every spring).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh wow, this is something i must try myself. would the squirrels and other cuties of the garden eat the bulbs? peter and i were thinking of doing daffodils, but we haven't gotten to plant them. i was planning on doing doffodils, snow drops and the other bulbs that have huge pink and white flowers. ummmm forgot what they are called, but they look like beet roots. climans or climanes or some sort of silly name like that. anyway i love color in the middle of winter. i have planted lots and lots of forsythia to start the year with bright colors and also trumpet vine and wild phlox to end the summer with color too. well before the maple tree and tulip tree add a shower of color to our back garden. so many invasive plants, but as long as i am the gardener i will keep them trimmed and in check. i even promised our neighbor (who has a phobia of any plant spilling into her weed and dry soil backyard) that when my plants grow they'll take over her garden as well and that she can just let me in and i will de-root any gorgeous flowering plant that invades her garden. ok, plants get my head spinning, so i forgot my point about the daffodils. umm maybe i just had too much coffee, but the topic is so exciting. write more about daffodils and squirrels and what to grow that won't get eaten. or what i can grow that will get eaten partly but still manage to survive. i am in love with all sort of garden pets, so i can't ret rid any of them, even the squirrels that destroy so many of my plants on a daily basis. oh yes, write something about beach soil from LBI and clay soil in Brooklyn please. am obsessed with bringing all sort of things i find (bags of leaves, coffee grouds, banana peels and egg shells from the local restaurants) to my garden. i figure in the end the soil will thank me. oh yes (and let me end before you think am nuts beyond repair) what can you tell me about russia comfrey? i want to be organic, but the comfrey just doesn't seem to grow in my garden. what have i done wrong? ummm am hoping u are some sort of expert when it comes to plants. i think you are.

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