Monday, October 10, 2005

How to make a leak worse

First, acknowledge it. Previous homeowners apparently ignored the leaking dining room ceiling for 50 years and the only evidence was a water stain on the ceiling. We stared at it and obsessed over it and soon a not so small portion of the ceiling was laying on the floor. Second, spend a ton of money on a new roof and new windows. Oh, still not fixed. Call an expert who will tell you the entire side of the house needs to be re-stuccoed. Throw money at that. Then wait. The re-stuccoing was done about two weeks ago. The ceilings were next, but we wanted to wait for a big rain, to test it and make sure. Well, on Friday, we got our big rain, and the damn ceiling leaked worse than ever!! Thank God we have an awesome contractor. He came on Saturday and spent an hour with his top guy spraying water along the side of the house trying to figure out where the water was getting in. Tomorrow, the roofer and the people that applied the stucco and the window people will all be there trying to figure out who is gonna fix it. I really wanted to remodel the dining room over the winter and if I have to look at that awful ceiling and that wallpaper for much longer, I'm gonna freak out.


Blogger EFB said...

isn't it just one thing after another?! they've been doing construction on our street for over a year now. they haven't finished paving the street. because of the heavy rain over the weekend we had water leaking into our basement via the electicity lines running to the street. I'm guessing that because they didn't finish paving, the water collected around the electric grate in the street and seeped into the house via the cables. I was so freaked out. Of course Con-ed was swamped due to the storm. DEP came and said it was Con-ed's responsibility. To this day Con-ed still hasn't come to "drain the chamber and repack it." Why do I see this turning into a bigger nightmare?

4:19 PM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

That sucks. Get on the phone with whomever you need to and yell. Thats the only thing that works. Tell them your elderly grandfather lives in the basement and there is mold growing now and he's having trouble breathing. Somebody will be there right away.

9:35 AM  

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