Monday, October 03, 2005

made in His image

Over the weekend, my friend and I went to the Bridge Bust in Columbia, Lancasster County. They close off the bridge over the Susquehanna that connects Columbia with Wrightsville, and it is supposed to be filled with food vendors, antiques, crafts, etc. There was some of that, but a lot of it was garage sale crap and really awful crafts. Apparently this was not a juried event. It was a nice day though and we had a great lunch, but I'd like to talk about the people. I know that Columbia is....shall we say....a little rough around the edges. It's a working class town and really has experienced a revival of late, with many grand old houses being redone and their farmers market building being reopened, and some really great antiques stores opening up. Yeah, none of those people were there. Every time I go out in public these days I am appalled at the state of the general populace. I sound elitist. I'm not, I don't think. I was just always taught that there was a standard of decorum when out in public. It's fine to wear sweatpants at home to clean in, but you don't wear them to the grocery store....things like that. My friend actually wished she had a picture phone so that she could capture some of the things we were seeing because no one would believe it if you described it to them. What goes wrong in someone's life that they can't even bring themselves to dress decently in clean clothing to go out in public? Or to dress their children in clean clothing? Or clean their children prior to going out in public? Just amazing. And don't even get me started on the poor speech or the farm kid with dirty overalls and red hair that opens his mouth and sounds straight out of Compton. And as I was walking around looking at this large specimen of humanity, I thought that most of these people probably believe in intelligent design. They believe that they were created in God's image. Adam and Eve, immediately after eating the apple and becoming ashamed at their nakedness, apparently donned Harley t-shirts and cutoff shorts two sizes too small to cover themselves. If I manage to get to heaven and God has a mullet and is wearing a 'Git-R-Done' t-shirt, I will be really disgusted.


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