Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Toad pee and bunny blood

Yesterday evening was interesting. Husband moved the wood pile to a different location, and the toads I mentioned before? Well, they were hunkered down at the very bottom of the pile. I don't think they were hibernating just yet, but they were very torporous and just kind of blinked at me. I once again moved them to the compost pile. Hopefully they get the message. So after the great toad resettling, I let the dogs off their leashes to go inside. Emmett starts sniffing a patch of grass right outside the back door. Like three feet outside the door. And it's a next of bunnies. He pulls one out and lays it on the ground next to the hole and looks up at me. Chessie knows better. I shooed them away and picked the bunny up. He was bleeding from the nose but was still squirming a lot. I held him in my hand to keep him warm for a few minutes and he still seemed okay, so I pulled the grass back and put him back inside with his blind and fuzzy brothers and sisters. We never saw the mother. She must come at night. Very odd place for a nest, especially at the end of September.


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