Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So organic gardens are more diverse. The MORE weeds one has, the more the soil gets broken up, which helps everything else. I knew it all along. Don't believe me?


The study also says that the level of critters in your garden will increase. Which is why for the
first time ever, I've seen a few too many of the yellow garden spider. It's kinda big and I'm not really a fan of spiders. Actually I'm terrified of them, but I would never kill one outside. I was picking squash last week, kinda walking all stooped over, and my face came within about 6 inches of her big old web and there she was , right in the middle. Actually, the zig-zag caught my eye. This particular spider builds a large web and that zig-zag incorporates some kind of ultraviolet pigment of something, visible to birds, to prevent them from flying through the webs. Pretty neat. So my weeds and lack of chemicals has resulted in enourmous spiders. Good for me. Haha. And on Sunday, I was repotting a houseplant that had been outside for the past month, and when I pulled it apart from the other plants around it, I saw a spider web pull apart, and a wee one of these fell to the ground. I'm really, really, really glad that the spider fell out, and didn't come into the house. Because that plant gets hung next to my side of the bed. And I will kill a spider in the house.


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