Monday, September 26, 2005

Race to the bottom

So Scopes II kicks off today in Harrisburg. I'd love to sit in on this case, but I think I would get to angry to just sit there silently. This is so very embarassing to have happen in our area. What's that quote? Pennsylvania is made up of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Alabama in between? That sounds about right. Nobody cares if you want to believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, and Noah had Dinosaurs on the Ark, or that God simply twitched his nose Samantha style and Humans popped into being. Fine, believe it. If you think that God will save you a seat in heaven because you impudently refused to use that miraculous organ he gave you called a brain, believe it. But don't teach it in our schools cause it isn't SCIENCE. They had some snippets in the media so far from the trial on Yahoo. The lawyer representing the ID people actually said that it should be taught because there is controversy. This issue is literally 'boiling over' in the scientific community. I'm sorry, but there is no controversy within the scientific community. There is a ton more we can learn about evolution to fully understand how it works, but that still doesn't make ID science. Maybe we should start teaching the flat earth theory again too. And really, nobody can see gravity. Maybe it's just God holding us down with a finger on our heads. So ridiculous. The whole anti-intellectual wave that is sweeping the country is just giving me the creeps. When did it become Godly to be stupid?


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