Tuesday, September 27, 2005

post script

Now that I'm thinking about the increase in critters in the yard because I have tons of weeds, I am reminded of the recent onslaught of toads the past week. In the evening, just past sundown, as I sit and watch tv, I've been hearing the rustle of leaves just outside the screen door. At first I assume it's a criminal and my pulse quickens, but the dogs don't bark and it's right outside the door. So I flip on the light, and there is a toad. I recognize three different ones so far. I've never seen this many. The farmer cut down the corn around our house so maybe they were disturbed because of that. I pick them up and move them towards the compost pile. Dogs eat toads. Try to anyway, before the toad releases that nasty defense toxin which makes the dog spit the toad out and retch on the lawn for the next 10 minutes (I know this from experience). So not only have no chemicals and tons of weeds given me large spiders but also adorable toads.


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