Thursday, October 13, 2005

living fences

So I was surfing around, and I came across an article about the lost art of creating a living fence,
which is planting trees and shrubs in a line, close together, and weaving the branches together to form an impenetrable barrier. I believe the phrase was 'horse high, cow strong, and hog tight'. Anyway, I have all these silver maples that I need to pull, so I was thinking maybe I might try a living fence. I could do an arbor too, at the entrance to the garden. I just wonder if maybe I should use something else, cause silver maples get big and I'll have a hell of a fence in 20 years. It would be pretty though. Maybe I should pick an assortment of things, like black raspberries, Viburnum sp., etc. Or maybe it would look messy. Maybe I should just buy a ton of an
evergreen shrub and plant a hedge like that. Although that would be kind of formal and I am anything but formal. Anybody know a good source of old fencing? Maybe a beat up old white picket fence. Hmmmm.....


Blogger Liz said...

I wouldn't do the evergreen thing. too blah. When we lived in NJ, we created a "hedgerow" across the back of our property (which was the side of another property) with deciduous trees & shrubs. We tried to be as native as possible, and all had either flowers, fruits or pretty fall foliage. We used things like witch hazel, sweet pepperbush, dogwood, viburnum, chokecherry, etc. Much better than a fence (imho).

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