Monday, October 17, 2005

The stockboy and the ham

So I was shopping for groceries on Saturday and I wanted to make ham and green beans over the weekend. The store I shop in has a butcher case and lots of helpful people behind it, but I didn't see any hams so I kept on moving. I stopped at the prewrapped section, where all the pork products are. I saw huge hams and then small, already cooked ones, but no medium sized smoked ham that wasn't already cooked. You need to boil the ham and then add the green beans and potatos so that everything tastes nice and...ummmm.....hammy. Anyway, I'm standing and looking and standing and looking, and this stock boy comes over and says "can I help you find something m'am?" Now he was probably 16 or so, pimply, bleached blonde spiky hair, and I'm thinking I shouldn't even bother explaining what I want to him cause he's a kid and knows nothing about cooking, much less a dutchie thing like ham and green beans. But I tell him what I'm looking for anyway. He say's "follow me over to the butcher counter" so I do, and he comes from the back room and produces a beautiful 4 pound smoked ham, with bone still in, and skin still on and he says, I cut one for my granmom this morning just like this cause she's making ham and green beans today and he wraps it for me and hands it to me over the counter and then he proceeds to tell me exactly how she cooks it, just in case I needed some instruction. And I laugh and say thank you repeatedly and I'm just totally amazed of what I thought this kid was and what he turned out to be. Lesson learned.


Blogger Caroline said...

That's a great little story. It put me in a good mood and reminded me that you can't always judge people. Nice post.

1:20 PM  

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