Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Much better

Yay June!

April and May were soap-opera-ish months and I am weary of drama for awhile. I'm going to put my nose in the dirt for a few months. Actually, until frost.

Thanks for all your kind words. Last week was a bit weird but I think I'm all better now. I'm still sad that things turned out the way they did, but there really isn't anything I could have done to change that. Nothing is gained by me dwelling. It is what it is (I say this so much lately).

And while it does annoy me that there was no spectacular, thoughtful birthday gift from the husband, the lack of did enable me to purchase a new dress and two pairs of spectacular platform sandals which I will show as soon as the come in the mail. God I love these new free-shipping mail order shoe places.
Behold my volunteer foxglove. I love foxgloves. I want a whole big sweep of them. I have wasted I don't know how much money buying foxgloves and planting them only to have them grow about a foot tall and die. So two years ago I stopped trying. I gave up. Foxgloves just did not like me. I had one remaining foxglove that limped along that summer. It dropped seed and last year I had several volunteers pop up. They were healthy all summer but had no blooms. I left them alone. This year this beauty suprised me. It has to be at least 3 feet tall. So I try not to look at it too hard or fuss with it too much. One of the other ones also had sent up a spire but that one succumbed to a fat yellow hen that was too lazy to walk around it and instead walked over it. You just can't have nice flower beds with chickens.

And my newest friend. This toad has decided to live in one of the flower pots on the front porch. He is there every day and then climbs out (the top of the pot is adjacent to a step) and is on the flagstones every evening. This pot has pansies and johnny-jump-ups in it so I'm not sure what he'll do when I change over to something a little more heat tolerant. I will keep his needs in mind though. Something to shade him during the day and keep him cool. Perhaps some big leafy sun coleus?