Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More field pictures

More field pictures. These are from yesterday. We have a wetland mitigation sight next to a small goat farm in Northern Lancaster County. And the owners don't mind if we visit with the goats.

This goat was a little ominous. He just kept staring though the window.

See the giant spider? Sort of in the middle of the picture? It is hard to tell without something for scale, but it was enormous. Yuck. Some kind of fishing spider but there was no way I getting closer to tell which kind. The thing had to be close to 4 inches across. My co-worker thinks I am dramatic and am overestimating the size. It sure seemed huge though. And it freaked me out that it was that high up in a plant that I easily could have brushed past. Usually they are around rocks in the stream bed. I don't like spiders at all.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Field Photos

Last week I had a lot of field work to do for my job. Tiring but good. Here are some photos.
The first two are from Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.
I am 38 years old and I never noticed that the inside of a black walnut looks like a heart. Now I see them everywhere.

An orange shelf fungi. You could see this from a mile away, it was so vibrant.

A giant piece of conglomerate. Conglomerate is a sedimentary rock and you don't often see pieces this size. I think it is part of the Pottsville Formation found in the Anthracite regions in Eastern Pennsylvania. Zoom in for a closer look. That is my field book for scale.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Checking in

So lately I've been feeling like my horizon has disappeared. And I'm somewhere in the horse latitudes. I feel adrift with no sense of if I'm moving forward or backward or standing completely still. Not necessarily panicked or anything, but a definite sense of "I'm not where I want to be at this point in my life". So I haven't been blogging. Just lots of taking stock and thinking.

But here is an "I'm okay" post and thanks for all the emails and comments of concern. I just got back from 2 weeks at the beach, which was totally awesome. And I pretty much know where I want to be now. I just have to work up the courage to make the trip from here to there.

For some reason I'm into lists lately. Well, that is a lie. I've always been into lists, they help keep me sane and organized. I mean lists for no reason.

Things that have been making me smile lately:

  • tomatoes - because who can really be glum when eating a bowl of tomatoes with fresh basil and thick balsamic and good olive oil and salty olives?
  • banana pudding - I had for the first time a sour cream banana pudding made by Connor's Market in Buxton, NC and it was one of those moments when you eat something and everything gets all shiny and tingly and I think I actually laughed out loud because it was that good. Hard to believe, but it was. Banana Pudding! With Nilla Wafers! They only had it one day out of the week and the nice lady behind the deli counter shared her recipe, so I'll try my hand at it soon.
  • The Republican Party imploding.
  • A sign on a conservation district building on the Eastern Shore of said "Keepin' it rural since 1963." haha. keepin' it rural.
  • Little girls in kayaks that swore they would never, ever get in a kayak. Let alone check a crab trap or reach down into an underwater grass bed to pick up a scallop.

So I'll keep in touch. And thanks Pete, I had forgotten all about Mr. Hartman. I am power!