Monday, February 20, 2012

An approximate 3 year break

Things that have happened during my "blog vacation"!

I almost got a divorce, but then didn't. And somehow I now see that I'm married to a pretty awesome man. And maybe it was because I didn't see his awesomeness before or maybe it was because our near meltdown made him want to be a little more awesome. But it doesn't really matter how we got where we are, just that we are here.

I lost interest in a lot of things I used to love and now am interested in them again (otherwise known as depression).

I went on an airplane for the first time Germany.

I had a brief involvment with Facebook before I came to the realization that Facebook is.....stupid. And shallow. And should go away.

One of my beloved dogs died suddenly causing me to have do an abrupt inventory on how much time I was spending doing things I didn't really love (hint: approx. 40 hours per week).

I got a new dog to lift the flagging spirits of my existing "pack" husband, our dog chessie, and our two cats....although jury is still out on whether cats actually had flagging spirits....very hard to tell with cats.

I begin a new journey to figure out how to fill my days with things that make me happy....things I enjoy doing.....things people will pay me for.....I know, such a cliched mid-life crisis thing going on here.

My comment sections have been slowly filled with erectile dysfunction spam.