Friday, January 13, 2006

Tin foil hat time

Okay, things are getting scary. Well they have been scary, but are getting scarier, which I didn't think possible. The Bush Administration just keeps raising the bar. And I'm getting more and more.....umm..paranoid. So yeterday there's this article about a little known provision added to the Patriot Act that categorizes protesters at political events as "disruptors" that can then be prosecuted. And the whole NSA thing with wiretapping and apparently today it's discovered that Bush authorized secret wiretaps before 9/11, in the beginning of 2001. WTF? And just the flagrant disregard for the rules. The Interior Department just opened up a huge swath of the Arctic for oil drilling. Land that was put into protection by James Watt for Christsakes. When Watt starts looking good from an environmental standpoint, you know you're living in Bizarroworld. And all that destruction for 80 days worth of oil. That's right....80 days. 2 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil divided by a 25 million barrel a day habit equals 80 days. That's heartbreaking.

What good is Congress if the President can just ignore what they say? Apparently we no longer live in a free republic but rather in a theocracy or oligarchy or whatever you want to call power being concentrated in the hands of a few with an overwhelming influence (control) by big business. I have a word for it. One exists, but you have to be careful to whom you say it. The whole combination of religious fervor and overwhelming, coerced patriotism, and the presence of an 'enemy' that can't really be defeated, and the potential for a never-ending war. It's called fascism. Not the jackbooted, swastika kind. The Mussolini kind. Mussolini also called it corporatism. Where big business and government become so enmeshed that you can't tell the difference anymore. The increased hatred for unions and regulations and the total screwing of the poor. The dissolvement of the middle class. And the giant land grab in New Orleans. Did you know that 10 years ago, 80% of the nations wealth was controlled by 10% of the population. Today, thanks to Bush's tax cuts, 1% control 70%. That's scary. There's just too much going wrong to keep track of it all. And so I try to go about my daily business. But it's getting harder and harder to ignore. Sinclair Lewis said that "when fascism comes to America, it will be draped in the flag and carrying the cross." And another quote I've seen is that fascism in America will be packaged as anti-fascism. I keep wanting to believe that things can't get really bad. Someone will step in and halt the unraveling of our country. The next election will change things, a democratic senate will change things, but I'm not so sure things can be changed at this point. I think they've got us. We're trapped.

In other news, something ate my Beauty berry that I planted last fall. It was a smallish size shrub, about three feet tall, but has now been nibbled down to about 6 inches. It couldn't have been a rabbit, could it? That's a big rabbit. I hope it comes back. The bush, not the rabbit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Don't know why, but I'm feeling more paranoid too. It's not just rules that Bush and company ignores, it's the actual law. What blows my mind is that we have general population that doesn't make a peep about it. No one seems to be slightest bit bother by the fact that we're ruled by radicals and people who aren't interested in upholding the rule of law or the constitution.

I read somewhere today that Al Gore is going to be giving a speech about our constitutional crisis.

We're trying to spread democracy around the world while losing it at home.

3:56 PM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

exactly. And it seems like nobody cares. The whole f'ing country is interested in "Brajolina's" baby. Al Gore can talk til he's blue in the face. The majority are more than willing to trade every liberty for the "security" promised by the Bush Administration. Glad somebody out there agrees. I feel like less of wackjob.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been extremely depressed watching the Alito confirmation hearings. Congress is being rendered useless with no voice. It is frightening & fascinating at how the current Administration is demolishing democracy. There is no longer an America as a whole to grasp. It is splintered in pieces and being divided by states according to the Bush Administration ideology of thinking. Why is a human right considered Left? Over 2 trillion dollars spent going into an illegal war w/Iraq & worst of all are the number of US troops killed & maimed as well as citizens of Iraq & elsewhere. CHAOS is the name of the game. Add the big dose of FEAR factor along with using religion as a shield & new way of doing business, a helluva lot of LIES & CORRUPTION, raping of the environment.... It is disgusting, disgraceful and definitely impeachable. What is spooky are all the people walking around in agreement that this is wrong & not America but unable to do anything about it. I find Bush, Cheny & Cronies extremely 'Talibanistic'--who are they kidding they can't find Bin Laden???? He's in the White House!

6:23 PM  

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