Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Conservation district tree sales

I sent in my tree orders for the various conservation district spring tree sales today. I've participated in the Lancaster County Conservation District tree sale for the past several years. A sycamore I bought the first year (Spring 2003) is now very much taller than me. And a cluster of river birch I bought 2 springs ago is just as tall as I am. They were barely a foot high when I planted them. I'm excited to see what they do this year. Remember the tree planters rhyme.....1st year sleep, 2nd year creep, 3rd year leap. I would say that 90% of the trees and shrubs that I've purchased are doing very well. Dogwoods didn't do well, especially the ones I planted near the black walnut, not realizing they were intolerant to juglone, the toxin that black walnuts secrete into the soil to annihilate the competition, although I've read someplaces that they are tolerant. Anyway, I researched juglone resistant plants and ordered some that most sources agree are tolerant. I'd like to build a hedge in the corner of the property that houses the black walnut. A hedge for wildlife and also to act as a windscreen. One thing about living near farms that I was unprepared for was the wind. There is nothing to stop it and it just whips across the fields. Nice in the summer because it always seems cooler, but utterly miserable when it is cold. I absolutely hate waking up on a sunny saturday, eager to do something outside, only to be greeted by giant gusts of wind on a day when it is supposed to be in the mid-40s but feels barely above freezing. So....for this hedge I bought 3 arborvitae, 10 serviceberry, and a few more American Cranberry bush. I had cranberry bush under the black walnut and they seem to like it there. I also bought a black cherry, a black gum, and a tulip tree to add to the little wood lot at the other end of the yard. From Dauphin County Conservation District I purchased 3 Rhododendron and 5 Winterberry Holly. The Rhodies will go at the front of the pine stand and I'm not quite sure where the hollies will go. I do know they wont' go under the black walnut because they are intolerant of juglone. From Cumberland County Conservation District, I
bought 10 Concolor firs, again to act as a windbreak. Also from Lancaster County, I bought 3 Hydrangea paniculata and a weigela. I keep complaining that I can't get everything done, but I keep adding to it. Thankfully, the pickup dates for the three districts are on different days, fairly far apart. I'm glad, cause this will be a good amount of work getting all these shrubs and trees planted properly.

Photo: American Cranberry bush


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