Monday, March 13, 2006 was so nice over the weekend. Well, Saturday anyway. Sunday was a little wet. I got lots done outside and many many flats of seeds started. I started 128 tomato seeds (Brandywine, Genovese, and Elbi) and 128 peppers (paprika, pimientoes, and two kinds of red bell). I'm hoping that I'll have enough to have a little seedling sale in early May. I also started two flats of flowers with the random row of basil and onion and dill thrown in. Now they are in the basement on their comfy heat mat, hopefully sprouting their little hearts out. My husband, apparently eager to fire up a power tool, tilled half of the garden too. So at least that is done enopugh that I can plant peas and onions and sweet peas and potatoes soon. I did a great deal of walking about the yard on Saturday too. I have to admit, even though this is my 35th spring, every year I am amazed by the ummm.....tremendous rushing force of spring. There comes a point early every Spring where things just seem to be growing, well, with extreme force. And it doesn't stop until July sometime. Between Saturday and Sunday, I know that I had clumps of tulips appear 4 or 5 inches above the ground where there had been none the day before. This unfettered fecundity freaks me out a little. It's almost as if you should be able to hear it. It would be sort of a groaning, straining, buzzy noise...maybe with a touch of thundering animal herd in the distance.....all these cells being made and furiously dividing and sugars being consumed, things just appearing all at once, just this crazy, frnzied push. Oh, and turns out I do have aconite. All of them popped up at some point on Friday. No leaves protruding shyly before hand, just flower and all popping up all at once. I suspect dirt was flung on my windows by this jack-in-the box type appearance. And the hellebores at some point each developed three more blooms. How nice. I thought they would be earlier though. They are getting lost in the riot of crocus and snowdrop and mini daffodil and aconite and sweet woodruff in the beds off the front porch. And now there is no end in sight. The season has started (at least in my mind) and the slow days of January and February, spent imagining the garden this year are over and things will continue to move faster and faster. And it feels so very good. It will be 78 degrees today. I can hardly stand it.


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This was simply lyrical. Very nice. :)

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