Friday, February 24, 2006

Loose ends

Some stuff.....

A few books that I love but didn't mention yesterday. Cause of course I was thinking of books all day yesterday....saying "Damn, I forgot that book and this book". River Horse and Blue Highways by William Least-Heat Moon. Totally awesome tours of this on back roads and another by boat from the east coast to the west coast, all on our nation's rivers. Majic Bus by Douglas Brinkley. He was a professor at Fordham I think, and ran this summer class which consisted of touring the country by bus (living on the bus and camping) with the stops determined by American Literature. How cool would that be? Reading the book while driving to and seeing the place. Time travel is the only thing that could possibly make that better. I think they cover Faulkner and Wolfe and visit Ken Kesey and a whole lot more. Loved this book and was introduced to an author from North Carolina that I had never heard of, but is now one of my favorites.....Josephine Humphreys. Her books Dreams of Sleep, Rich in Love, and Nowhere else on Earth are great. I wish she would write a lot more. Also, Kaye Gibbons rocks....her books Charms for the Easy Life and Ellen Foster and A Virtuous Woman are great. And Evidence of Things Unseen by Marianne Wiggins. Really really good. Okay. I feel better now.

Continuing on.....Remember awhile back when I said I wanted to get chickens this spring? Well, I was kind of sitting on the fence, what with the Avian flu thing and not being sure about how to care for them and being afraid I'd kill the little chicks.....when the poultry fairy has smiled down on me and granted me some unwanted chickens. My friend bought a little farm in southeastern PA and it comes with chickens which she does not want. So I am getting 6 chickens. Four white ones and two fancy-pants ones. There is also a duck, but she is keeping that because there is a pond. I can pick up my chickens in late April/early May, so I have to get cracking on preparing the "chicken house". I am so thrilled. Hopefully they like me. I will have to make their digs extra nice to win them over a little.

I ordered my seed mats the other day and potatoes (Yukon Gold) too from Johnny's Seeds. I've got to get my seeds started. What with global warming and all, I'd like to put tomatoes in the ground the end of April (with protection if needed). I like to be the first person with 'maters out for sale. I'll be able to sell eggs too! Plus I'd like to have an heirloom tomato plant sale to make some money, if my seed starting turns out okay. So the only thing left is I'll probably buy some more strawberry plants.

Although, I keep eyeing up those catalogs with the 25$ coupon gimmick, and I keep wanting to order some PawPaw trees, a persimmon, and a fig. Did you know that there is a fig that is good to Zone 6? I am thinking of ordering from Gurneys, cause they have all these things. Anybody have good or bad to say about Gurneys? I've never ordered from them. I also have to call Dutch Bulbs and complain about my Winter Aconite bulbs, cause they aren't coming up and they should have been up by now. Stupid bulbs. Okay, thats about it then I guess. I have a whole weekend of wallpaper removal (which is 90% done) and spackling and sanding ahead of me. Thank God it's cold and windy out.


Anonymous Liz said...

Yay for chickens! You are going to love them and they you.

I ordered some perennials from Gurney's several years ago, and all I remember is the plants looked pathetic (bare root and all) but I think they came around and Gurney's was good about replacing those that didn't make it. It should be alright.

3:09 PM  
Blogger EFB said...

Congrats on the chickens. That is so cool.

I read Majic bus. I got it as a gift I think from Margaret. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to do a cross country trip one day like that.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Judith said...

Such excitement! I can't wait to read about your chicken adventures. I'd love to add chickens....I'll be listening to what you divulge.

I know what you mean about adding yet another book to the meme list...Josephine Tey! Fabulous! Kaye Gibbons! Another one I read. Marianne Wiggins, my daughter passed her to me...I'll want to read Majic Bus & the others you mention.

9:41 AM  

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