Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is almost here.
I've only been twice, but I think I'll go this year. The theme is "Enchanted Spring...A Tribute to Mother Nature" so sounds interesting. I always try to get people to go with me but they never like it as much as I do, so I think I'll go by myself. I took my sister one year and it was crowded cause we went on a weekend. I have never heard someone complain so much in my entire life. It was like she was channeling five 80-year old women at the same time. To this day if the subject is brought up, she will begin an hour long reminiscence of how crowded and awful it was. So, yeah, will probably go by myself.


Anonymous Judith said...

You have a fabulous garden show--I have been to the Phil. show once with a busload of master gardeners. I tend to go to my local show by myself for same reason you speak of here. I am waiting for the Boston show to come up in March.

9:47 AM  

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