Wednesday, February 08, 2006


A telegram is apparently a thing of the past. The last one was apparently sent on January 27th. How sad. I never have received or sent a telegram. I should have. I'm not sure what I would have said or who I would have sent it to, but it seems very adult and fashionable. Answering the door in your swirling dinner dress and stockings with the seam up the back. You have a cocktail in your hand as you swing open the door to find a Western Union boy there with an urgent message as your dinner guests wait, hushed at the table. You slit it open with your sterling letter opener. It's bad news. You put the back of your hand to your forehead as someone rushes forward to catch you and tip the western union boy at the same time. You crumple to the floor as your guests look nervously at one another, wondering what the telegram said.

Guess I can cross this scenario off the list. haha.


Anonymous Judith said...

I love this scenario you have written. I have only received one telegram in my lifetime--fortunately it was not bad news. It was congratulating us on buying our first house--it is framed and has been kept. I am glad we kept it after reading that the last telegram was sent on Jan 27th--thanks for letting us know.

12:54 PM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

Now you own a piece of history. Email will never be able to fill the telegram's shoes.

3:59 PM  

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