Thursday, February 02, 2006



are widely thought to be the most intelligent bird. Live an average of 10 years. Are actually beneficial to some farmers as they keep the European corn borer under control.

Mate for life acfter engaging in actual courtship behavior. Will come to the aid of unknown crows in distress. Use tools. Can count. Have extremely good memories.

Are one of the few animals that actually thrive in contact with humans (they like to eat trash). Unfortunatley, this isn't a good thing for the crow. And sadly, crows can't detect poison in food left out for them, which is what three neighboring municiplaities in Lancaster County are currently doing because local residents and business owners are complaining about the crows. What is wrong with people? The plan was to kill 20,000 crows (this after the population has been reduced as a result of West Nile Virus) and so far several hundred dead crows have been found in yards and parking lots and parks.


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