Friday, January 20, 2006

Field day

What an awesome day. It was about 50 degrees F outside and sunny. I got to go look at two bridges today. Well, one bridge and one remnant. Rissers Mill Bridge was burned down in 2002 and was the last covered bridge in northwestern Lancaster County. It was arson and they never caught the bugger, but I sincerely hope that when this youngster (and it most likely was a teenage boy) matures and realizes the gravity of what he did, he feels like crap for the rest of his life. I certainly would. The picture at the top is whats left of the bridge. See the two stone supports? Weird place for a trampoline. The bridge will be replaced with another covered bridge, only updated to modern engineering standards. Pretty cool huh?

Above are a stone house and mill that were in the project area. The mill is practically abandoned. That makes me sad to see.
Here is my friend the bull. The only thing separating me from this fellow is a remarkably flimsy electric fence. Basically two wires attached to wildly leaning aluminum posts. Not much of a deterrent. He was friendly though. I scatched his nose for a long time.

Here he is vamping it up for the camera. He reminded me of Ferdinand. Remember that Disney character Ferdinand the Bull? All he needs is a daisy in his mouth. When I stopped scratching him, he didn't like that and made some scary bull noises and snorted a little. I looked down at the flimsy fence then and decided it was time to go.

Luckily his bull friend came running over then and distracted him by engaging in some 'bull play'. I sat in my car for awhile and watched them tussling around.

This goat also lived near the bridge. He badly wanted his nose scratched too but he was on a leash that didn't reach to the fence. He was very upset when he saw me scratching the bull. I felt sorry for the poor little guy. When I left his leash was all tangled around a tree. I thought about untangling him but that would involve going into his pen and I've seen too many movies where people got butted by ornery goats, so hopefully his people noticed his predicament and fixed it.


Blogger Liz said...

I forgot about all the covered bridges in PA...they are so cool. My friends live near one in Pipersville, which they thought was so picturesque when they moved in, but now they are bothered by all the tourists who come to look at the picturesque covered bridge. lol!

But the goat... that's my favorite. There's just something about goat eyes that I find so endearing. What a beautiful animal.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Judith said...

Meredith! I love seeing your photos. The arson incident is tragic. The stone house & mill make me wish I could move there & fix them up. Is it a quiet area? I do remember Ferdinand w/daisy...that image helps me get near a bull. I am more partial to goats & that one you met looks like quite the character--probably tangled himself on purpose to get you in the pen w/him--you'd still be scratching his nose.

9:17 AM  

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