Monday, January 16, 2006

Winter has returned

Winter came back over the weekend. And as much as the mild temperatures were nice for mid-january, I was starting to worry about my fruit trees thinking that it was time to wake up. I think the white lilac got that idea and I might not get any blooms come 'real' spring. I didn't get sleep much Saturday night because of this return of winter. We had wind....oh my was it wind....all day Saturday, Saturday night, and most of Sunday. Sustained winds of 25 mph with gusts of 40 to 50 mph. There were branches down everywhere and I was really worried about trees coming down. We have a huge silver maple near the road that has been losing rather large limbs of late....we probably should have it cut down because I worry constantly that a huge limb will come down in the road at night and someone will be hurt or worse. Husband has the day off today and a good part of it will be spent picking up sticks in the yard.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show ended over the weekend. Even though I meant to go, the week just goes by so fast and I didn't make it again this year. It takes place in Harrisburg and is the largest agricultural event in the United States. It even has it's own complex that houses 25 acres under one roof. This was the Farm Shows 90th year. It is an event. When I was in high school, farm show attendance for farm kids was an excused absence. Kids showing animals have to sleep there near their animal pens. It's interesting to see all the animals and tons of other exhibitors, but the best part is the food. Every Board for every food produced/grown in Pennsylvania is there really showcasing their product. The best thing in the world are the baked potatoes (I think they bake them for days, because the potato just oozes out of the skin). A close second would be the fried mushrooms from the mushroom capitol of the world, Kennett Square, Pennsyvania. Will
definitely have to go next year. Here is a picture of this year's butter sculpture and last years. Thats 800 pounds of butter. I wonder what they do with all that butter after it is over?

Last years sculpture, which I like better, is shown here.


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