Friday, March 24, 2006

Wild things seeping through the cracks

Every now and then, amid the daily torrent of bad news and pretty much the world collapsing around us, you see a news item that makes you smile or notice something that makes you think that everything isn't all that bad. The coyote in Central Park is such a story. How cool. Wild things are among us and slowly making their way back despite our best efforts at annihilating them. And yesterday a co-worker and I went for a walk at lunchtime on a nearby greenway. Thsi greenway follows a little creek and while the immediate area is pretty, large industrial and commercial developments are visible through the tree line. This greenway is within Harrisburg City limits and is well traveled by both fitness enthusiasts and n'er do wells. What did we see? Three freshly gnawed beaver trees. Within city limits......right where I drive past every day. Wow. There probably haven't been beavers there since the early 1900s. Huh.


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