Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So then.....

So I then drive 7 hours back from West Virginia on Thursday and come to work on Friday, and then pick up two of my neices for a weekend visit. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home because the entire family was coming on Saturday for a meal, but only after we get back from Marietta Day, a nearby day-long, town wide flea market/antiques/food thing. So I had to shop for and make everything Friday night. Oh yeah, and make a four layer, fresh strawberry cake frosted with whipped cream. So Saturday was a blur, except my one neice has become an expert chicken wrangler, able to get all of them back in their house in a little over a minute. Sunday I took them to see Over the Hedge, which I don't recommend. Not that funny....actually a little depressing. Suburban sprawl and homeowners that want to exterminate every creature in their yard aren't that amusing. Although it was nice to see that the current lifestyle of many americans (McMansions, SUVs, overconsumption) was being poked fun at and made to look ridiculous. The kids thougt it was okay, but agreed that it wouldn't be something they'd want to watch again. Unlike Wallace and Grommit which we watched twice over the weekend. And i got to hold my new neice and feed her and burp her talk to her and watch her smile and now I have a bad case of baby envy and even worse....my husband does too. And I so totally have to make up my mind cause I'll be 36 on Friday and that is like ancient.


Anonymous Liz said...

Maybe you'll get over it. In April, I thought my ovaries were going to implode from the severe cuteness of my friends' half-Japanese baby, but after being apart for a few days, I regained consciousness.

9:56 AM  
Blogger EFB said...

An early Happy Birthday! Usually when I'm around kids it makes me not want to have any. How do people know when they want kids or does it just happen?

9:58 AM  

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