Monday, June 05, 2006

As I was saying.....

I can't believe May is over and June is just clipping right along. Why does it all move so fast? The corn in the fields around us was just a vague green suggestion a few weeks ago. Now it is over a foot high. A daily reminder of the rapid progression of this season for which we so eagerly wait.

I had Friday off and husband had vacation for the past week, so we got a great deal done. Chickens have moved into their new housing and I am an empty nester. No more little chicken faces peering over their box edge in the morning, and no more singing to my little hens last thing at night as they nestle under their brooder lamp. They are happy though and I can hear thme pecking on the sides of the shed at daybreak, hoping to alert someone, anyone, to come and open their little chicken door. Only 10 more weeks till eggs. I do have a rooster and he will be moving soon to a egg and honey farm near Manheim. I've been promised that for awhile he will used for breeding purposes and not somebody's dinner right away. This morning I could hear his polite crowing at 6am. A pleasant way to wake up, I must say. I wouldn't mind the crowing, it's the fertilized eggs I don't want. Hopefully the girls won't be too distraught at his departure.

Saturday I was planting a bunch of things. I ordered mulch and couldn't resist a few fire engine red geraniums to take home. I know. Lots of people hate geraniums. Well, whatever. I sometimes have plebian tastes and to me, a red geranium in a pot on the front porch says 'summer'.

Anyway, I was digging in the shed for my nifty vintage planter that I like to put my geraniums and when I pulled it out, I found this.....
I took them outside and tipped the container on it's side. I hated to disturb this little family, but I needed my planter. Momma mouse ran into the wood pile next to the shed, but not out of sight distance of the kids. I delicately picked up the babies and placed them in front of her, at which point she quickly grabbed them and ran them right back inside the shed. My husband said that with the mice mingling with the chickens, our home will be ground zero when the Hanta virus combines with Avian Flu and wipes out the East Coast. Don't hold me responsible. I just couldn't kill them.

Here is a pretty geranium that I planted with some annual that I can't remember the name of.


Blogger Liz said...

So who was the rooster? Not Claire, I hope. Geraniums always make me think of my grandmom. I like them.

3:43 PM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

No, the rooster isn't Claire, the rooster is....well....Rooster. That's what we've been calling him since the red comb and wattles popped up. But we still weren't sure. He's the bird with his head turned in the first picture in this post. He is Claire's boyfriend though. Those two are always together, so things might get a little rough after Rooster goes bye-bye.

9:44 AM  

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