Friday, August 11, 2006

Connecticut Wetlands

Hot Rail. It really is so deceiving how fast these trains move. Track Speed was 90 mph and the camera was still making the clicking noise when this train was flying past me. I was leaning in pretty close and the air displaced when it went by was a little scary.

Here are a few pictures of wetlands associated with one culvert in Connecticut. It was a quick trip, up and back with one overnight. I wish it had been longer because it was a great time to visit. We stayed in Old Saybrook, which was very nice. It was cool to be there on primary day too. Not too many Joementum signs around. GO LAMONT!!!!!


Blogger shannon said...

Hey Meredith,

Our heavy breeds start laying between 5 and 6 months. I would put a light in their coop NOW though, since the shorter days could make them wait till next spring to start... We just have one bulb in our barn that is on a timer to artifically extend their day to 14 hours and it keeps them laying, albeit at a much reduced rate, through the winter.

5:13 PM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

I don't have electric in the chicken coop right now. Crap. I will have to think of something. Cause I totally don't want to wait until next spring.

9:46 AM  

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