Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Chickens

There are five chickens in this picture. Can you find them? Or is all you see a great feathered mass of mulch kicking feathers? They so enjoyed Sunday, as did I. It was a lovely warm day and we were outside the whole day, getting beds cleaned up and pansies planted and distributing mulch onto the lawn (well I wasn't, but they were).

Remember when I said that once it starts, it just steamrolls and moves so fast? The snowdrops are over and even some of the crocus are starting to fade. How did this happen so fast? Where have I been? These crocus are still vibrant though, growing in the lawn. Not something I'd recommend, as they have to be mowed around for a little while until the foliage browns, but they do look so pretty against the very green growing grass at their feet.

In an area at the front of the house, there apparently was an old gravel driveway. Some grass grows there but mostly it is weeds. When mown, you can't really tell as it just appears green, but in the spring, the entire area is covered with Persian Speedwell (Veronica persica) shown below, Northern White Violets (Viola pallens) and Common Chickweed (Stellaria media). When the sun shines on it, everything just opens up and blooms profusely and for a weedy area, it is just lovely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...I'm so're a few weeks ahead of us Springwise.

LOL...when I first glanced at the chickens I thought it was a huge mushroom of some sort...duh!! Oh how I'd love to have chickens, but its going to have to wait until we retire back to VA.

Thanks for sharing your lovely Spring day.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still have a pile of snow behind my porch! I am jealous, too. Love those tiny blue flowers in the grass.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

How pretty! I adore Veronica! And those chickens couldn't look happier.

We've still got snow on the ground also, but I'm hoping by the time we get back from NJ it will be gone, gone, gone! I am so ready for spring!

9:07 AM  
Blogger EFB said...

very pretty. my garden is filled with contractor bags from the renovation. the crocuses haven't had a chance to come up.

4:18 PM  

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