Thursday, October 27, 2005

Don't you just love politics?

So dear Harriet dropped out today. What strange timing. And it's reported that Bush could nominate someone else as soon as tomorrow....Hmmmm, what might happen tomorrow? Get ready for shrub to nominate....oh, I don't know,.....Matlock? deflect attention away from what now look like imminent indictments. Might be time for a terror alert too. Anything to shift attention away from the coverage of the White House falling in on itself.

In other news, Exxon posted a profit of 9.9 billion dollars for last quarter. Thats right...I said 9.9 BILLION....FOR A QUARTER....THATS 3 MONTHS!!! The next time you hear on the news that families will have to choose between food and heat this winter because of the high cost of heating oil and that there isn't any money in the home heating assistance program, try not to choke on that little bit of vomit that will inevitably creep up your throat. How anyone can continue to support these people is just absolutely beyond me.


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