Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hard Frost

Weird weather. Yesterday morning when I took the dogs out, it was 68 degrees. This morning, it was 33 degrees. My Chessie girl (lab mix) hates being cold. She blasted out of the door, expecting today to be just like yesterday. It was like she hit a wall. Her muscles all tensed and she did her business very fast and wanted back in. This dog is just like me. She loves to be hot. She will lay in front of the woodstove until her fur is hot to the touch. She will lay in a patch of sun in the yard for hours. Emmett, the other one, loves to be cold. He goes out this morning and sticks his nose in the hair, like he's sniffing a fine wine...and when it snows, he's totally in his element. Very strange. Last night was our first really hard frost. Goodbye lingering nasturtiums and salvias, yarrows and mums. I think the geraniums on the front porch made it, but thats about it. I hate the sound of crunching grass.

That vegetable soup I made last Saturday? I'm getting really tired of it. I have eaten it every day for lunch and three nights for dinner. And there is still more. I suppose I will freeze the rest, cause I just can't eat any more vegetable soup. One more week till Thanksgiving!! I'm excited. A farmer near us has free-range, antibiotic free birds for sale. No heirloom breeds or anything, just the regular big-white turkey breed, whatever that is. I will call to order one today or tomorrow. Last year I waited too long and couldn't find a fresh turkey over 15 pounds until the night before, and then I had to drive 40 minutes to get it.

I just finished Barbara Kingsolver's book 'Prodigal Summer'. I liked it a lot. I've read short articles from her in Mother Earth and Organic Gardening...this was the first novel from her that I've read. Did you ever read something by someone and really, really wish that you knew them, or that they lived just down the street and you could be friends? That's how I felt about her. She seems really smart and knows a lot about things I am interested in. Next library visit I will stock up on Kingsolver. Has anyone out there read something really great lately?


Blogger Liz said...

I love Barbara Kingsolver. She has a great book of essays called "Small Wonder". I just picked up Jimmy Carter's new book and I'm sure it's a winner.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Judith said...

I have been told 'Prodigal Summer' is a good read, but have not yet read anything by Kingsolver. I started a rowdy novel last night--Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames. Your Chessie girl is like my Fey girl--lying in front of the woodstove to keep warm. She's more cat than the cats.

9:12 AM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

Yes, she is more cat than the cats. The two cats and Emmett hover at the door to the room when a fire is going, while she is lying right at the base of the woodstove. She is a snuggler too, sleeps tight up against me in bed. That dog would sleep under the covers if I let her.

9:43 AM  

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