Monday, December 05, 2005

House envy

The house tour was nice. I don't have any pictures because we weren't allowed to take any pictures, which I can understand. And of course I went home afterward and looked at my own home and thought of a million ways to apply decorating ideas I had seen to different rooms in my house, which is kind of hard at 6 on a Sunday evening. I love old houses. I suffer from house envy. My house is sort of old (original part built in 1900) but these houses were really old. The beautiful random width floors, the short little doors and low ceilings in some, and the high ceilings and grand moldings in others. I wish I had high ceilings. I used to live in an apartment that was the first floor of victorian mansion. That house had 11 foot ceilings and you simply could not buy a christmas tree that didn't end up looking puny. There were different patterned hardwood floors in every room and columns and trim and a mantelpiece to die for. I miss that apartment. Anyway, after the house tour we went to several antique stores and I bought two more aprons, a set of vintage metalware coasters that have a different flower painted on each one, and a whole bunch of vintage ornaments ($1 a box, woohoo). I hung those on my 'retro' tree last night. My retro tree is a small second tree that I have in 'my' living room. My husband and I have separate living rooms. Not that we occupy them separately, but we can decorate our living rooms any way we want, with no input from the other (we also have our own bathrooms, woohoo). So my living room is cozy with big comfy chairs and a woodstove and lots of books and plants and my retro tree. The lights on the retro tree are the old-fashioned kind that are huge and get hot (remember buring your fingers on them as a kid? I do.) The ornaments were small sta-brite, still in their original box, and were a mix of red and silver and striped and the ones with pictures and words on. In very good condition and cheap. I also bought a little ceramic planter of a cute little reindeer pulling a sleigh, which I filled with greenery that I cut from my yard that night, with a flashlight. Can you tell I was inspired? Anyway, it was good day and now I am consumed with projects to make my ceilings look taller and my floors gleam like they have been waxed with beeswax for the last 200 years and peppering my home with adorable christmas decorations made with greenery and fresh fruit and dried seed pods etc. etc. etc. I need to have a party or something.


Anonymous Judith said...

Your living room sounds wonderful! And what you have added from yesterday's antique store makes it that much nicer. I have some of the retro lights too--yes, they do get hot! It is fun to be inspired going on these tours--the garden tours do it to me too. Inspiration & ideas. A party certainly is in order!

5:39 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

You have to get yourself a digital camera so we can see your retro tree...I'm sure it looks great.

You'll be glad to not have 11' ceilings during the winter... ;)

9:40 AM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

A digital camera is on the christmas list as our big gift to each other, so hopefully soon. And I suppose I am glad that we don't actually have 11' ceilings, what with heating oil being the price that it is. I wish we had more garden tours. Marietta does have one, but I've never gone. I'll definitely go next year.

9:46 AM  

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