Monday, June 12, 2006

Busy, busy, busy over the weekend. I swear my weekend's are more hectic than my weekdays. Trying to cram so much that I want to get done into 48 hours. And of course all of it doesn't get done. Sunday my list was huge, but I only got two things done. But it took me all day.

I made jam in the morning from these beautiful homegrown berries that I bought on Friday. I also cut up three quarts and froze them and left one to eat fresh. The chickens went wild over some over-ripe ones and smushy ones that I gave them and were later even eating the caps that I had thrown on the compost pile. I made two batches of jam, following the exact same recipe, using the exact same ingredients, and the exact smae equipment.

As you can see, one batch turned out and one didn't. Well, both are still good, but I hate it when the fruit floats and looks all stupid. I can just stir it up when I open a jar, but forget giving as a gift. "Hey, as a token of my thanks, here is a gift of my 'scratch and dent' strawberry jam!". Oh well. Better luck next time. But since I have about 20 jars of jam now, that'll be in about 2 years.

And the rest of the day was spent in the garden. Planting the rest of my tomato plants that I had to run out and buy because the ones I so carefully raised from my saved seed, I scorched and probably only got three or four. And weeded. And weeded. And weeded some more. They come up over night, I swear. Especially the grasses. But now with all the tomatos and peppers in, I can do the newspaper with straw over top all around them and not have to worry about that area for awhile.

Friday, in an attempt to use up some of my ridiculous bumper crop of swiss chard, I made this swiss chard pie. Which was very yummy by the way. And super easy. I sauteed some garlic and spring onions in a little olive oil. Threw in a bunch of chard until it wilted. I added a few roasted red peppers until heated. Then I tossed the mess in a pie shell, sprinkled about a cup of shredded sharp cheese over it and poured about 5 beaten eggs (with a little cayenne and some sour cream) over the top. Bake for about 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Super easy and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Anonymous Sandy said...

Recipe looks good, I'll try it this week. Wonder how it would be with spinach?

7:34 PM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

Probably just as good. And sorry for the 'loose' recipe, but I think the recipe would still turn out if you tinkered with the amounts of any of the ingredients. Sort of like with a fritatta.

12:31 PM  
Blogger EFB said...

sounds delish

3:11 PM  

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