Monday, November 06, 2006

Taking a break

Ok, no more politics. I know I've been pretty much all politics for the last week or so. So back to normal scintillating details about my exciting life. I grew Tabasco peppers over the summer. I wasn't really sure what to do with them, but I grew them and they turned into two nice size small bushes of little red peppers. I harvested them a few weeks ago and went looking for a recipe. I found a few claiming to be methods to make real Tabasco sauce, so I followed one of them. FOr three weeks these little red peppers marinated in a jar of vinegar. On Friday, I drained them (saving the godawful hot vinegar for a future unknown purpose) and then pureed the little peppers into a saucy paste. I ended up the hottest damn sauce. Taking a whiff over the jar burned my nostrils and sent me into a fit of uncontrolled sneezing where I actually had to grab hold of the kitchen counter. Not sure what I'm gonna do with it.

What was left of Saturday was spent removing the last wall of wallpaper in the guestroom. I had wanted to put up a wall of beadboard panelling, which is why I left that wall along. The intergrity of the plaster is questionable and we thought it unwise to be pounding little nails all over it, so the last bit of wallpaper had to come down. It turned out to be a contact paper Caribbean sunset with two layers of paint on top. Lovely. Why would anyone paper a wall in a small room with a Caribbean sunset? Anyway, no more wallpaper! Ever! We are officially a wall paper free zone.

On Sunday, I planted 130 more bulbs and 6 shrubs. 50 Orange Emperor Tulips with 50 Grape Hyacinth, 10 more red Darwin Tulips and the last 20 Poet's Daffodil. It felt good to be done. I had a little helper chicken the whole time though. I would dig a hole, the chicken would madly scratch and pull apart the removed clumps of dirt to remove the grubs and worms, and I was left with nice loose soil to put back into the hole. That chicken must have eaten about two pounds of worms. I also planted the few remaining shrubs I had lingering around. Two Blue Muffin Viburnums and four Winterberry Hollies. I know that I'll probably hate their location next year, but I procrastinated enough about where to put them and they needed to get into the ground. Sunday evening I felt good. There was nothing left to do outside but rake leaves occasionally. All the outdoor chores were done. Woohoo! Time to concentrate on the inside.


Blogger Juli said...

Did you take a pic of the Caribbean scene for posterity?? I have pictures of what was once our "Pepto Bismol" room... it's now our office and there's no trace of pink!

btw, you'll be happy to know a couple of Dems are getting my vote down here in FL. ;)

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Judith said...

Your politics are healthy. Whew! I can't believe what you have accomplished in the garden. It'll be gorgeous next spring. Something to look forward to. The house we have moved to had Road Runner wallpaper in in the 3'x 8' lavette. Beep, beep! I ripped that paper off the walls in one go, soon as we had the keys to the house. Save that hot sauce for when you get a bad head cold-it'll clear the sinuses. I would have recommended it for removing wallpaper, but looks like you are free of the paper. My eyes water just thinking of what you concocted.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Sandy said...

My dad used to raise all sorts of hot peppers. Some so hot, he couldn't even eat them. I blistered my nose once smelling one!

I love beadboard on the walls, and just recently saw it used on a ceiling. The room reminded me of a ship's cabin.

5:18 PM  
Blogger wurwolf said...

How adorable -- I would love to have a little helper chicken with me in my garden. I will someday!

When I lived in my house in Lititz, wallpaper was the bane of my existence. I found that the painted wallpaper came off easier than wallpaper alone, but maybe that was just my particular brand. Congratulations on your wallpaper-free life. :o)

I'll bet you're pretty happy today -- the Democrats made a strong showing in the election! I'm so proud of Pennsylvania. Bob Casey Jr. won the Senate over Santorum, which is the race I was most interested in. Ed Rendell easily defeated Lynn Swann as well. Even my friend, a conservative Republican, lost his race for state rep in a township that reliably votes Republican. Thank God people seem to be sick of the current state of affairs and are voting in a change, although not as sick as I would expect.

9:48 AM  
Blogger meresy_g said...

The Caribbean Sunset was under two layers of paint. I figured out what it was because you could sort of see orange and reds on the reverse (it was plasticy contact paper type stuff) and one particularly large piece had what looked like palm tree leaves. Funky. But no picture.

11:54 AM  
Blogger El said...

I had four chickens "help" me dig my bulbs last weekend. Two would kind of take turns, and peck each other if one thought it was "her" turn getting that worm. Quite funny stuff.

I agree with Judith: your politics are healthy. So are your renovation efforts!

12:02 PM  

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