Thursday, November 03, 2005

donning the tin foil hat

I got an email from someone today and they happened to mention something that I have been thinking about these last few weeks. I am glad to see someone else think about it as sometimes the thoughts in my head are a little off and maybe I do wear the tin foil hat a little too much. But I'm gonna toss it out there and see if anybody else has been wondering the same thing. So here goes. Why is it exactly that the Administration is freaking out about Avian flu? From what I read and see, the regular flu kills far more people every year. And transmission from bird to human is relatively rare and human to human transmission is even rarer. So I'm a little freaked out when I see that they are spending 7 billion on vaccines and that posse comitatus might be overturned so that the military can be used to enforce quarantines and that borders may have to be closed (cities, states, etc.) to keep the PANDEMIC from spreading. What is this all about? Is it just a giant sparkly object to keep us distracted or something more sinister? And why exactly did Scooter Libby is his weirdo letter to Judy Miller mention that she would be needed to report on biological threats? Picture me backing into a corner clutching my tin-foil hat. It's just all a little odd and at this point I wouldn't put anything past this administration. When you're making this much money picking the pockets of the American people, you'll do almost anything to keep everybody off balance. Chaos serves them well. Am I all alone in wondering about this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well I am in agreement with you. I find the whole affair a political tool. What about all those other diseases that are already taking lives right and left (here and in the rest of the world). Anyway, I could go on till my cholesterol reaches new highs, but I think I ll instead read about veggies and flowers.

10:59 AM  

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