Friday, September 22, 2006

So I'm paying for torture

Well I'm glad that the renegade Republicans could sit down with Dear Leader and come to a compromise on torture. A compromise on torture. A COMPROMISE ON TORTURE. Here is a great article - Molly Ivins on Torture. My tax dollars are going to pay to inflict pain on someone using a process that has been proven repeatedly to not work. People will say or do anything to stop being tortured. I made a call today to request a copy of my birth certificate. I had one but I don't know where it is. I need it to get a passport. Soon. This country is scaring me more every day. A slowly tightening leash. Did you know that in the torture bill there was a great little provision to make it easier for Bush to declare Martial Law? And also make it easier for him to command control of the National Guard to police the American People. Before Katrina, there was a little thing called Posse Comitatus which said that no branch of the military could be used against the American People within the United States. That got tossed aside, but it was still up to the Governor of each state to decide when and where the Guard would be necessary, most likely used in a disaster. This little torture bill makes it easier for Bush to override the states and use them where he wants them. A slowly tightening leash. The first people to leave countries sliding into Totalitarianism are the scientists, writers, artists.....the people that observe for a living. They see the repeated patterns of behaovior long before anyone else. I want my papers to be in order. I'll wait and see how the November elections turn out. But if there are "widespread irregularities" again, I'm gonna have to make some other plans. Something is really, really wrong when we're compromising on torture.


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